2006 Vienna

Political Conference Vienna 2006 – “We Shape the Future”

The Conference “We Shape the Future – CENTROPE 2006 plus” held in March 2006 at Vienna City Hall marked the end of the first phase of the CENTROPE project and the kick-off of a new stage of cooperation in the Central European Region. On the occasion of this event, the governors, region and county presidents and mayors presented the “Vision CENTROPE 2015” for the first time to a general audience. As an outcome of cooperation ventures implemented during the preceding two-and-a-half years, the “Vision” comprises the totality of shared ideas for development and togetherness in the quadrangle. In the Vienna Memorandum “We Shape the Future” signed by the political leaders, the currently 16 partner regions and cities agreed on the deepening and expansion of cooperation in four selected thematic areas.