2005 St. Pölten

Political Conference St. Pölten 2005 – “We grow together. Together we grow.”

The St. Pölten Memorandum of April 2005 constituted the first joint statement of the CENTROPE partners regarding sector-driven thematic areas and challenges in the common region. It confirmed the intention of the CENTROPE partners to build a European Region and contains agreements to

  • provide mutual support in consultations at the EU level and in lobbying activities to promote jointly formulated positions,
  • develop joint proposals for the sustainable, socially viable functioning of the cross-border labour market,
  • activate national governments and the EU on behalf of strategies and measures relating to CENTROPE,
  • intensify cooperation between existing institutions so as to integrate the manifold cooperative activities in the region, and
  • initiate a broad public-relations push to communicate the opportunities and advantages inherent in cross-border cooperation to the population at large.