CENTROPE initiative

A historic occasion

The 1989 turnabout in European politics, open borders and the European integration process provided the current Central European Region with the historic occasion of moving back from the periphery to the centre. As a consequence of this deep-rooted change, all CENTROPE partner regions and cities are today part of the EU, apply the same European laws, are situated within one common market and expanding currency union, benefit from the dismantling of national borders and are represented on an equal footing in the European institutions. As in the past, they once more share a recovered Central European space with close social, economic and cultural interdependencies, where borders drawn as a result of 20th-century political events are increasingly losing their importance.

For several years already, the people in the region have been tightening contacts, enjoying cultural assets, shopping possibilities and events in the neighbouring countries, visiting them as holiday guests, or are living, studying and working beyond their own country’s borders. More and more enterprises of the region use the potential for cross-border, international economic activities within a small, condensed area. CENTROPE stands for a form of living together that has already become a matter of fact in many fields.

Cooperation opportunities

If cooperation occurs at an interface of different language areas where enterprises, people and ideas from all over the world converge, innovative solutions are bound to emerge – no matter whether these concern the economy, politics, art, culture, research, education or the environment. CENTROPE meets all prerequisites for evolving into a region that offers its inhabitants economic advantages and greater quality of life and moreover fosters science, creativity and prosperity.

Yet the opportunities inherent in comprehensive and profound cross-border cooperation must be seized proactively. For municipalities, cities and regions, the possibilities and challenges resulting from geographical proximity pose the ambitious task of shaping a common future. In order to tap the potential of the Central European Region, it is imperative to create a solid foundation for cross-border cooperation based on joined forces.

We grow together. Together we grow.

“We grow together. Together we grow” is therefore the leitmotif for the efficient harnessing of available possibilities – all resulting from the development of common perspectives, the cooperative handling of innovative tasks and the establishment of a viable cooperation structure. In this, the project CENTROPE CAPACITY is to initiate a new phase of working together. All participating partners assume responsibility for the common project on an equal footing by investing human, organisational and financial resources in its implementation. This will endow CENTROPE with new dynamism and interest and contribute significantly to the realisation of common ventures.