Twinning South Moravian Region-Lower Austria

Raising the innovative potential of the public administration represents a big challenge for the future and therefore is one of the main aims of the project called Twinning South Moravian Region-Lower Austria – together with providing conditions for further development of cross-border links for cooperation between the regions.

Recently, transfer of respective know-how has been a reasonable way how to improve efficiency of public administration. Accordingly, a bilateral project was set up between South Moravian Region and Lower Austria in July 2009. The content of the project is cross-border transfer of know-how in the area of making the activities of the South Moravian Region more efficient and of higher quality by means of activities focusing on the enhancement of professional knowledge, skills and competences of selected South Moravian Region employees, newly elected South Moravian Region representatives and employees of the Regional Government Office.

The key activity of the project was a 4-day professional stay of these persons in the organization of the project partner in October 2009, with focus on topics like the comparison of the structure, powers and authorities of the public administration, development of human resources, regional development in practice, experience with drawing means from the EU funds (examples of good practice), budget creation,  financial policy, methodological help to municipalities or modern management methods with the purpose to achieve quality and effectiveness in public administration. Moreover, a two-day Czech-Austrian workshop was organized in March 2010, where lectures and seminars were held in the field of regional authority work.

By implementing the project new work contacts will be established in specific areas of public administration and territorial government. The project finishes in June 2010, when a bilingual bulletin will be created on the implementation and outputs of the project.

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