“Traces”: a cross-border museum co-operation focuses on times when Central Europe was a trendsetter in architecture and design

The project is based on the long-standing collaboration of the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna (MAK) and the Moravian Gallery Brno and aims at promoting architecture and design tourism in the Austrian-Czech cultural area.

The venture should attract tourists from within as well as outside the region to its rich heritage of modernity, presenting Central Europe as a hub of creativity in this period. A cultural route connecting diverse historical collections and sights will be progressively developed to promote the common cultural heritage of the border region of the Czech Republic and Austria. One cornerstone of this emerging cultural route is the Josef Hoffmann Museum in Brtnice (Czech Republic), which functions as a joint branch of MAK and Moravian Gallery and accommodates a large collection of designs of the Austrian-Czech architect Josef Hoffmann. In the course of the project, other celebrated sites of the region will be integrated into the route, exhibitions with a focus on design and architecture will take place, and tours to these interesting sights will be promoted. In this way, the co-operation of the two museums will be broadened into a larger cultural and touristic framework and involve other partners, mainly from the tourism industry.

The project “Traces” runs from 2011 to 2013 and aims at registration in the Cultural Routes programme of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, which was launched on an initiative of the Council of Europe.