PaNaNet – Pannonian Nature Network

PaNaNet supports the networking of nature parks and national parks and the development of tourism in them

Since 1996, six national parks in Burgenland (Neusiedler See-Leithagebirge, Rosalia-Kogelberg, Landseer Berge, Geschriebenstein, Weinidylle, Raab) and four national parks in western Hungary (Sopron, Irottkő, Örség, Kerka as well as the Naturparkprojekt Pinkatal) have come to existence in the different types of landscape – some of them being conceived as cross-border areas. The infrastructure necessary for their operation has been partly implemented via Leader and Interreg projects. However, a coordinated focus on the four supporting pillars – protection of cultural landscape, building of recreational facilities, development of bids for environmental planning and projects for regional development is missing.

In addition, optimization is considered within the framework of joint supra-regional marketing, quality assurance and development of demand-oriented offers. With respect to the research of tourism and trends, the following groups of themes promise growth possibilities and increasing relevance:

  • Nature experience
  • Wellness and health care stays
  • Hiking programmes
  • Authentic region-specific offers and events

A common problem of the protected landscape areas in Burgenland and Hungary is the so far missing exercise of currently existing offers of nature tourism on the market in orientation on target groups. Therefore, there are attempts at a greater share of nature tourism offer in the protected areas in the offers provided by accommodation facilities in order to achieve longer stays. The protected areas are situated outside tourist centres and by means of this initiative together with tourist associations they can develop the tourist offer in regions with low tourism.