ESPAN – Energy Strategy Pannonia

The Energy Strategy PANnonia – ESPAN sets itself the aim of dealing in multiple ways with the sector of the sustainable development of energy at regional, communal and private level within the bilateral and interregional collaboration of Austrian and Hungarian regions. A long-term objective will be the effort aimed at a full independence of imported (namely fossil) energies.

Apart from the focus on objectives in the field of climate protection, the account will be taken to use the existing local and regional resources at the best possible way in the sense of producing value on a regional scale. At this, considered will be both raw materials and resources such as the Sun, wind, water and waste.

Expert fields are divided as follows:

  • Energy efficiency (savings)
  • Energy storage (including logistics)
  • Energy generation with respect to existing resources, which relate to borderland regions

It is particularly expected that involved in the ESPAN project will be local and regional authorities competent in regional development, education, research and development as well as in economy. This will take place against the background of support to the regional development of borderland regions, creation of new inter-regional business spaces and finally the creation or assurance of jobs in branches directly or indirectly related to the theme of energy.


Regarding the fact that the ESPAN project shows a strong conceptual and network character, synergies are evident with relevant regional developmental programmes in the field of the sustainable development of energy and ecology because partners involved in the project deal with the topics at both local and regional level.

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