Infrastructure Needs Assessment Tool (INAT)

CENTROPE pilot project “Infrastructure Needs Assessment Tool – fostering competitive regional development”

Ever since the beginning of intensified cross-border co-operation under the CENTROPE initiative, infrastructure and transport issues have played a key role. The notion of CENTROPE as a common, polycentric Euro region cannot stand without fast and capable transport links that allow for a high degree of economic integration as well as labour market mobility and workplace commuting. It is therefore all the more significant that the pilot action “Infrastructure Needs Assessment Tool” (INAT) was implemented within the project CENTROPE CAPACITY. As a first step, it produced a comprehensive overview on the state of transport infrastructure development in the quadrangle and a thorough analysis of shortcomings and future demands (INAT Mapping Report).

A joint strategy growing from a pilot action

The “Strategic Framework for Transport and Infrastructure Development in CENTROPE”, elaborated as a second step within the INAT pilot action, represents the common answer of the partner regions and cities to the needs thus identified. Crucially, they now subscribe to a joint vision of how transport links and infrastructure should look like in the future from a cross-border perspective and which public transport and other services should be on offer. The recurrent consultation process among the partner regions and cities that led to the Strategic Framework peaked with its discussion and eventual adoption on a political level at the semi-annual CENTROPE Summit meetings. The agreement on the Strategic Framework at the Brno Summit of May 2012, however, marked only the beginning of the implementation phase of the co-operation agenda.