Culture and Tourism Marketing

CENTROPE Pilot Project “Culture and Tourism Marketing Tool – Exploring CENTROPE together”

The interesting mixture of urban and rural environments with important cities such as Vienna or Bratislava and beautiful natural sceneries, coupled with a wide range of diverse cultural and leisure activities: the CENTROPE region has enough potential for rich tourist experiences.

The pilot activity “Culture and Tourism Marketing Tool – Exploring CENTROPE together” wants to build on these possibilities by encouraging Centropeans to visit their neighbouring areas as well as by attracting tourists from outside of the region to CENTROPE. This idea – forged by a growing interest in short-trip intraregional tourism in the four-country region – is to render tourist information more accessible to visitors by making it available at a single place and dismantling language barriers. Provided in five language versions (the four CENTROPE languages plus English), the tool will be accessible free of charge as an easily embedded instrument for tourist portals of the CENTROPE partner cities and regions. In this way, tourists can access up-to-date information on cultural events, interesting places or cycling routes directly from their computer, mobile or tablet.

The tool is being implemented with the ongoing involvement of tourist industry partners, stakeholders and key players from within the region. The product launch was timed for September 2012 to coincide with the European Mobility Week.

New Tourist Website CENTROPE: Experiences in Sight And Just a Few Clicks Away

Have a few days off and feel like taking a trip? Are you a keen cyclist wanting to try out a new cycling path? Are you looking for an interesting attraction or something to do with your children over the weekend? From now on you can find the answers to your questions on a new tourist website. From July you’ll find tourist information on the new site

A project run by Slovenský dom CENTROPE  was established in cooperation with regional tourism organisations from 8 federal states, regions and counties in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, including Slovak capital Bratislava and the municipality of Bratislava.

You will find descriptions for 40 cycling paths including their length, difficulty level, and surface composition at The site will also introduce more than 60 attractive cultural and leisure events available for search by date, event type, suitability for children and free admission too. Your decisions on where to travel next will be facilitated by the offer of almost 160 sights and interesting places, even those on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. There will also be top museums and galleries, valuable temples and churches, unique parks and other singularities that make the CENTROPE region so unique and varied.

There are about six and a half million people living in the CENTROPE Central European region. This region is tailor-made for family outings, whether on bikes or other common means of transport. It offers innumerable sights testifying to the common history shared for centuries as well as the best museums, galleries, attractive events and festivals. Thanks to its beautiful nature and opportunities for sport and recreation, the CENTROPE region is an ideal place for weekend family outings or an active holiday just several kilometres away from home.

Nevertheless, it used to be rather difficult finding information about interesting places and programmes on a single website. The new site will do away with this deficiency soon. It will also contain clear maps, including regular street maps, road and aerial ones. The other piece of good news is that all the information will be offered in English and in the languages of all the participating regions.

An application for most smartphones is available too.

For more information please contact:

Slovenský Dom CENTROPE, Sabinovská 16, 821 03 Bratislava,

tel.: +421 902 985 807, email: