Value creation biomass

CENTROPE pilot project ‘Value Creation with Biomass’

The markets for bio-energy and bio-fuels are developing dynamically and promise further value creation for the future, as the EU aims to raise the bio-fuel target to 10% by 2020 to secure supply and to reduce environmental burden caused by the use of fossil fuels. The success of European measures will depend on availability and secured supply of feedstock/raw material and bio-fuels on competitive and fair conditions. In doing so CENTROPE can play a major role, as the region is characterized by powerful agriculture, a significant number of bio-fuel production sites on industrial scale is in operation or planned, and innovative processes, e.g. the production of synthetic bio-fuels, are in an advanced stage of development within the region.

As result of the feasibility study, experts and stakeholders from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria are invited to discuss areas of common interest and cooperation in the CENTROPE Region concerning bio-refineries with special focus on bio-fuels and the thermal conversion of byproducts from bio-fuel production.