Discovery route in the heart of Europe

With Route CENTROPE Wine & Architecture a very peculiar travel guide has become available: Wine lovers and architecture buffs alike will cherish this route that leads to 24 destinations in the Central European Region. The recommendations span from medieval vaults, baroque winegrowers’ houses and snug village streets dotted with wine cellars to modern gems and meccas for afficionados of architecture as well as for wine connaisseurs in South Moravia, western Slovakia, Lower Austria, Vienna, Burgenland and western Hungary. Traditional places of conviviality and cosiness – like the Viennese „Heurigen“ or the ancient wine cellars in Bratislava, Trnava and Znojmo are presented, as well as modern wineries planned by contemporary architects.

Route CENTROPE represents a compelling concept for discovery routes through the region, conceived by the tourism experts of the Central European Region. The guides combine thematic trips and make it possible to experience CENTROPE as a common region both for inhabitants and visitors. In particular day-trip tourism shall be boosted in this way, and consequently the routes are designed to allow for one-day excursions, but also for reasonable daylong sections of a trip, including tips for overnight stays.

The discovery route Wine & Architecture as online guide

All buildings and excursion tips of the discovery route Wine & Architecture are also available as a German-language online guide. Besides illustrations, detailed descriptions and useful additional information like opening hours and phone numbers, the site also offers maps and city maps for an easy planning of the journey. Visitors can choose from a series of attractive routes like “landscape and wine”, “lake and wine” or “city and wine”, or individually put together their favourite trip. Thus, for instance a business trip can easily be combined with a wine trip through the surrounding region, a bike tour through the rolling hills of Lower Austria and South Moravia with a detour to the wine cellars nearby or with a visit to the most modern wineries in Burgenland, South Moravia and western Hungary, following the footsteps of well-known, contemporary architects.

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