Regional management

The CENTROPE pilot project ‘Regional Management’: We share ideas

The 2007-2013 programme period of the European Union entailed significant changes for the border regions with regard to the development and implementation of joint projects. To be able to meet these new challenges, a network of regional managements and regional organisations in the border area was created within the context of CENTROPE to prepare for the upcoming EU programme period. This is to safeguard the sustainable development of rural areas in the CENTROPE region as well as to implement the motto of CENTROPE ‘we grow together – together we grow’ at a small-scale regional level. In addition to the regional management bodies and regional development agencies of South Moravia, Záhorie, Senec-Pezinok, West Pannonia, Burgenland, Lower Austria-Industrieviertel, Lower Austria-Centre and Weinviertel, CENTROPE partner regions and cities also participated in this activity.

The project activities were based on an analysis of existing, relevant strategy documents. Several multilateral workshops then laid the foundation for collecting project ideas covering the new programme and for identifying potential points of departure to aid cross-border co-operation. Viewed against the background of the CENTROPE development objectives ‘biosphere growth region’ and ‘mutual marketing of tourism destinations’, particularly promising seemed to be the development of micro-regional environmental technology clusters, a wine competence centre and a network of historical palaces, castles and parks.