The CENTROPE pilot project ‘Enter CENTROPE’: We are creative

A young woman hails a taxi: she wants to go ‘to CENTROPE’. We accompany her on a trip to Brno, Győr, Sopron, Bratislava, Trnava, … watch famous sights and everyday moments from these cities – the roughly two-minute video clip ‘Taxi Driver’ illustrates a young Viennese media artist’s associations with the CENTROPE region. In the pilot project ‘Enter CENTROPE’, students of the digital art class of the University of Applied Arts Vienna were invited to discover the Central European Region in their quest for a common cultural identity. Eight video clips are the result of their work.

Eight video clips that draw very different pictures of CENTROPE. ‘CENTROPEAN’, ‘Walk on the CENTROPE Side’ or ‘SKATHUCZ’ – the first two letters each of the four countries making up the Central European Region – are the names of some of the one- to four-minute videos. They play with numbers, people, and everyday scenes and thus create associative sequences to narrate CENTROPE. The three best clips were singled out for special praise and shown in six Viennese and Lower Austrian cinemas to advertise the Central European Region.