The CENTROPE pilot project ‘Sound’: We shake and chill

The creativity of a vibrant, international art and music scene has a long tradition in CENTROPE. Today, young artists from the entire region show that the music scene has an attractive future and has long overcome national borders. The pilot project addressed the common interests of a young, trend-conscious target group from all sub-regions and presented the music potential of the entire region. It gave full-sounding expression to musical togetherness.

In all the sub-regions of CENTROPE, in Bratislava, Brno, Grosswarasdorf, Sopron, St. Pölten and Vienna, live concerts of electronic music were staged, which let both artists and audiences experience the ongoing integration of the cultural landscape of CENTROPE and served as a positive example for further co-operation projects. In addition, a CD sampler was produced containing tracks of bands like „Ohm Square“, „Puding Pani Elvisovej“ or „Trio Exklusiv“, adding to  a positive awareness for the region especially among young people. Through co-operation with the media and other promotion channels, moreover, interest in CENTROPE was raised and further information disseminated.