The CENTROPE pilot project ‘Sailing’: We are sailing

Sailing across borders. And what better place for a sailing trip than Lake Neusiedl, a real steppe lake that is situated at the centre of Europe and spans two countries? In the context of the pilot project ‘CENTROPE Sailing Youth’, an initiative by the Breitenbrunn Yachting Club has given life to the CENTROPE sailing network. Existing contacts with sailing clubs in Hungary were intensified, and hobby yachtsmen and yachtswomen from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, too, were invited to join in. In May 2005, the sails were hoisted for the first time under the flag of the Central European Region. Roughly 140 young people from the east of Austria, the west of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic participated in the first CENTROPE sailing championship, the ‘Blue Sky Racing Days’.

The youngsters were given another occasion to deepen their contacts with fellow sailing fans from the neighbouring countries during the youth sailing weeks in summer 2005, and about 90 of them took up on this opportunity. Also in the years that followed further regattas with sailing clubs from the CENTROPE partner regions were planned. Lake Neusiedl is an ideal sailing area with reliable winds that is now also gaining in importance as a regional co-operation platform in sailing.