The CENTROPE pilot project ‘Labour’: We face the challenges

In 2015, when politicians charged with employment issues will encounter representatives of social partners and job offices at the regular sessions of the CENTROPE labour market management, they will look back on the pilot project ‘CENTROPE Labour’ as the origin of their co-operation. It was in fact in this framework that all institutions of the partner regions concerned with the labour market met for the first time to think and talk about perspectives for the future.

However, a fresh, impartial look at the opportunities offered by the upcoming shared labour market as well as a comprehensive catalogue of possible measures for proactive ways to deal with this challenge were not the only results of the pilot project. An in-depth analysis also generated a first overall picture of the structures, tasks and resources of all relevant institutions and regional labour market strategies. The ‘map of institutions’ drawn up on the basis of this study pinpoints interfaces suitable for intensified co-operation. Already during the pilot project run, the CENTROPE labour market platform was used as a co-ordination and information forum. On the basis of these activities, the experts were able to derive conclusions for the development perspective contained in the ‘Vision CENTROPE 2015’.