Business & labour report

CENTROPE pilot project ‘Business & Labour Report‘

For several years, CENTROPE has been one of the most dynamic, transnational economic areas of the European Union. Located at the interface between the business centres of the “old EU” and the growth areas of Eastern and South-eastern Europe, CENTROPE has the potential of developing into a significant Central European hub. This is illustrated both by spectacular investments made by the automotive industry in recent years as well as the high number of international companies that set up their European headquarters in CENTROPE. Economic-policy actors now face the main challenge of exploiting the existing potentials. Positioning CENTROPE as an internationally competitive business location for high-quality products and services requires joint cross-border efforts and increasingly harmonized labour-market and economic policies.

The CENTROPE Business & Labour Report provides a valuable basis for cross-border policy-making. The report allows relevant regional business agencies, enterprises, chambers and federations as well as policy-makers and administrations to monitor the economic development in the transnational economic area of CENTROPE and to elaborate concerted labour-market and employment-policy actions. The report was prepared in co-operation between research institutes in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia so that the know-how on economic development and data available in and on the region is used in an optimum way and opportunities for harmonizing data are jointly exploited.

Summary_Publication_CENTROPE_Business_&_Labour_Report_(English) CENTROPE_Business_&_Labour_Report_(English)