Human capital

Focus Human Capital

Education, skill-building and creativity are the key resources for future prosperity and competitiveness in a globalised world. It is a declared goal of the Central European Region to strengthen this “human capital” together, to deploy skills where they are most urgently needed and to improve the competitiveness of the entire region. This calls not only for cooperation in training and skill-building measures but also for a common basis of knowledge and information regarding developments in the labour market and workforce mobility in order to avoid qualification bottlenecks.

To reach this goal, it is also essential to ensure equal access to education across the region, as well as to enhance cooperation among educational institutions. This will lead to the recognition of CENTROPE as being a region with attractive educational possibilities. Furthermore, exchange of know-how and cross-border co-operation of NGOs is a necessity for sustainable human capital development in the Central European Region. Moreover it is indispensable to compare, co-ordinate and harmonize the current systems, institutions, projects and activities concerning human capital development strategies in the four CENTROPE national areas.

The free movement of workers becoming a reality in May 2011 will not only mean another step towards the inner coalescence of CENTROPE; the workers themselves, too, will be confronted with new job options. A common labour market requires fine-tuned measures e.g. in the field of workforce placement and above all uniform standards in order to render qualification levels comparable and to allow for the mutual recognition of educational attainments in all partner regions.