Infrastructure upgrading, environmental protection

As a part of CENTROPE, the Bratislava and Trnava Regions are situated at the intersection point of major European transport corridors. Their resulting accessibility taps numerous possibilities for closer international co-operation. The most important transport carriers are trains, followed by roads, air traffic and navigation on the Danube.

Against this backdrop of positive frame conditions, further modernisation of the rail and road networks, an upgrading of the air traffic and navigation infrastructure as well as added support for intermodal transport remain key items on the agenda that not only the population will benefit from – international investors, too, are attracted by adequate transport infrastructure. For this reason, the regional infrastructure is being improved on a long-term basis as an indispensable prerequisite for the positive development of the region as a whole.

However, this is not to affect the numerous intact natural environments. The forests of the Little Carpathians, the woods and meadows of Záhorie and the wetlands of the Danube and Morava are among these nature reserves deserving protection. Due to their environmental assets, the Slovak partner regions of CENTROPE also find themselves in a very favourable position as compared to other European regions with regard to drinking water supply and water resources.

Nature conservation and sustainable development are currently assigned increased attention, with the main goals being the reduction of pollutant emission in the cities, the increased use of renewable energy sources, sustainable waste management and ecological remediation through the rehabilitation of contaminated sites. The strategic objectives of a development focused on the environment and future generations inter alia include environmental education and public awareness creation, high standards in landscape and source protection, flood protection along the Danube and Morava as well as the development of the Pomoravie ecology park.