The way forward

Together with the smaller cities in the region, Győr, Sopron and Szombathely are in a strategic position regarding transport. On a European scale, the region is situated at the intersection of North-South and West-East corridors. On a smaller scale, it sits halfway between Vienna and Budapest, two important capitals among Central European cities with growing economic potential. This advantageous location contributes to boosting international co-operation ventures.

Despite its obvious geographic advantages, the region needs further transport modernisation and improved accessibility. Not only would inhabitants benefit from better connections; the region as a whole could attract additional foreign investors. Plans exist for a regional, small international airport in Pér and the development of the Danube port in Gönyű. The transportation development agenda pursues a long-term perspective.

Due to growing national interest in these issues, nature protection and sustainable energy use are key topics. Regarding water supply and natural beauty, the region is in a very favourable position compared to other locations. Environmental education of younger generations and raising public awareness are seen as strategic goals to further nature protection and sustainability.