Czech Republic

Transport and infrastructure: Brno, the heart of Europe

A quality transportation infrastructure allows full advantage to be taken of the strategic location of Brno and the entire South Moravian region. The region enjoys excellent transport links due to its location at the intersection of trans-European high-level roads and railroads, which are important arteries linking Western Europe to the continent’s eastern, northern and southern parts. Therefore the South Moravian Region offers a strategic position with quality transportation access.

The railway station Europoint Brno, which consists of seven interconnected lines of the national and the European railway system, is currently being reconstructed in order to create a modern junction station at the heart of Europe. The unique position of Brno in a coalescing Europe is emphasised by its location as a link between two out of 30 selected transport projects of the European Union – Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Brno is one of the few European cities which appear on the line of two of these projects.

A significant advantage enjoyed by the city of Brno is its Category I international airport – Brno Tuřany Airport, which is situated 7.5 km from the city centre, and allows operation even during the windiest conditions. Thanks to its very good meteorological conditions, the airport acts as the main reserve airport for Prague. Brno airport offers direct flights every day to London and Prague as well as more than 20 charter flight destinations in the summer.

The nearest river ports used are at Bratislava and Vienna on the Danube and Melnik on the Elbe. The seaports of Trieste, Hamburg, Gdynia and Gdansk are also used. Concerning research infrastructure, the region offers favourable conditions for the development of science and research. There is wide support for the creation of sophisticated infrastructure for innovative businesses, and the region distinctly promotes the development of technology.