Science & research

A knowledge region of European standing

Not fewer than 25 public universities and art academies as well as ten universities of applied sciences with a total of over 250,000 students, several hundred non-university research institutions, numerous technology-oriented and research-focused enterprises and, finally, two national capitals as the fulcrums of science and research in their respective countries: the potential of CENTROPE as a cross-border knowledge region is near unparalleled in Europe. This high density provides an excellent foundation for the evolution of the Central European Region into an internationally attractive research and innovation location, whose special edge lies in the diversity and mutual inspiration of the regions concerned.

The university and research scenes of the four sub-regions present characteristics that are in many ways comparable. For example, the cities of Vienna and Bratislava focus roughly half of the R&D output of their respective countries on their territory and dispose of correspondingly extensive university and research institutions of supra-regional significance. As the second most important science hub of the Czech Republic, Brno likewise occupies an outstanding position within the university and research system. Moreover, research and training facilities strongly aligned with the needs of regional economies and concrete application possibilities are playing an ever more important role in CENTROPE, e.g. those situated in Győr, Krems or Eisenstadt.

Over the past decade, university and research cooperation ventures among CENTROPE sub-regions have continuously increased in number, extent and intensity. By joining forces, CENTROPE can develop into a knowledge region that supports the creation, transfer and commercial use of research findings and facilitates the emergence of cross-border innovation and technology clusters.