Full employment and high qualification levels

As in most European countries, the demographic development of the Slovak partner regions is basically stagnating. However, influx from the rest of Slovakia has resulted in a population increase. Moreover, recent years have seen the return of many young Slovaks formerly resident abroad. With their qualifications and experience, they contribute significantly to the economic development of Bratislava and Trnava.

It is a sign of the economic clout of these regions that long-term average unemployment rates are only 2 to 3%, combined with the highest average salaries and wages paid in Slovakia. In addition, the Bratislava and Trnava Regions boast the top number of inhabitants with a university degree in all of Slovakia. The highly evolved educational system creates ideal preconditions for sustainable economic development, both in traditional industries and in the service sector and new fields of the knowledge-based economy. University graduates get off to a relatively smooth career start since qualified staff can find a sufficient number of workplaces, often newly created by national and international companies. Qualification-building measures make it easier for workers with placement difficulties to return to the labour market.