Czech Republic

Labour market & qualification in the Czech partner regions

In the South Moravian Region, which has been one of the fastest-growing regions of the Czech Republic throughout transition as well as in recent years, the intensity of changes in employment structure was less pronounced than in the rest of the Czech Republic. Thanks to higher employment growth in the tertiary sector, the employment decline was essentially lower than elsewhere. At the same time, the structure of employment has continually advanced towards the pattern typical of Western European countries. The most important sector in terms of its share in total employment is the manufacturing industry, which accounts for more than a quarter of all employed persons in South Moravia, followed by business services, wholesale trade and the construction industry.

The unemployment rate is above the national average, but overall employment growth had been positive in South Moravia before the economic crisis. The highest employment growth rates occurred in the past in the production of transport facilities, computers and business machines. Other industries recording significant employment growth are business services and construction. By contrast, the number of employees in agriculture and forestry has decreased. The position of the region regarding the unemployment rate within the European Union has been recently improving.

The South Moravian Region boasts the second highest share of persons with tertiary education in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the share of skill-intensive professions in the region is outstanding. The main reason lies in the fact that Brno is the second largest centre for universities, both public and private, in the Czech Republic. Around 1% of all employees in the region work in research and development, which puts the region in 2nd place nationally.