An economic and investment space with a great future

Economically speaking, the Central European Region and its population are among the major beneficiaries of EU enlargement. Due to geographical vicinity, the region offers the possibility of exploiting competitive advantages resulting from cross-border economic activities conducted within a compact area. Moreover, CENTROPE serves a bridgehead function vis-à-vis the whole of Eastern and South-eastern Europe. This is not only reflected in the fact that the Western European key markets are as easily accessible from CENTROPE as the quickly developing markets to the East and South-east of the continent. As a preferred location of regional company headquarters, CENTROPE likewise occupies a leading position in Central Europe.

Its convenient location makes CENTROPE an economic and investment space that harbours good opportunities both for large-scale international corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. Growth and prosperity in the Central European Region are based on stable foundations rooted in its long tradition as an industrial and service location, a universally high qualification level among the population, outstanding educational facilities and reliable social security systems. This results in intensive economic ties, substantial direct investments and strong international positioning of the participating regions and cities. In addition, all partner countries will adopt the Euro as their currency in the foreseeable future, which will tap the full range of advantages of a widely integrated economic and currency union in the Central European Region.

In all, CENTROPE may already today be called one of Europe’s most dynamic and interesting economic areas: almost all partner regions are among the economic driving forces of their respective countries and boast above-average performance indicators. Growth, employment figures as well as income and productivity gains mostly exceed the long-term European average. Situated at the interface of “old” and “new” Member States, CENTROPE connects some of the most rapidly growing regions of the EU to one of its most affluent agglomerations.