A varied range of cultural and leisure attractions

The cultural institutions of Bratislava and Trnava look back on an over-bicentennial tradition; inter alia, the Slovak National Theatre, which presents drama, opera and ballet, enjoys international fame. Other important elements of the music scene include the Slovak Philharmonic, the Bratislava Music Festival as well as a variety of music festivals in several cities and towns.

Another well-represented sector concerns museums, among which a leading role is taken by the Slovak National Museum, complemented by a wide range of privately-owned small art galleries. The most valuable and extensive collections can be found at the Slovak National Gallery.

The regions are home to a comprehensive network of cultural and educational establishments such as theatres, cinemas, museums and art galleries, musical ensembles, centres of education and culture as well as 200 public libraries. The most important cultural monuments include e.g. Bratislava Castle, Devín Castle, Slavín Memorial, Academia Istropolitana, St. Martin’s Cathedral, the Blue Church, Villa Rustica (Roman ruins), the Evangelical Lyceum and Červený Kameň Castle. The top natural and recreational areas are the forests of the Little Carpathians, the woods and meadows of Záhorie and the wetlands of the Danube and Morava.