Enticing for everyone

As a result of the region’s rich history, there are many interesting monuments to visit and many traditions worth experiencing. Baroque elements with gold decorations and glittering surfaces are typical of the cities and towns. Visitors are taken back in time by walking old-fashioned yet revitalised streets and squares that serve as venues for cultural events. Many museums, castles and famous churches contribute to the extraordinary atmosphere of the region, which also boasts numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Széchenyi Palace in Nagycenk or Pannonhalma Abbey.

The most popular and famous sights are located in bigger and smaller towns. However, even tiny settlements are attractive for the visitor, as they offer hospitality and a slice of country life in a friendly environment. Over the year, various events are organised, such as the Baroque Festival and other fairs, seasonal festivals with concerts, theatre performances and other interesting activities. These festivals and fairs have their own traditions and attract many returning visitors year after year.

Apart from manmade cultural monuments, the natural beauty of the region also draws many tourists. The rivers crossing the region are perfect for water sports like rafting or ice-skating in winter. Many routes running alongside rivers and touching on numerous cities make it possible to explore the region by bike. Visitors are moreover enticed by several natural parks and protected natural areas.