Culture & nature

Outstanding quality of life

Like few other regions, CENTROPE is characterised by the close interlinking of urban centres on the one hand and natural and recreational spaces on the other hand. The Danube, March/Morava and Thaya/Dyje wetlands as green lungs of the region, the Alpine and Carpathian foothills and Lake Neusiedl are only the most striking tassels in a mosaic of often untouched natural landscapes in the Central European Region. The intertwining of cultural and entertainment options in the big cities with the leisure value of as many as four national parks, manifold cultivated landscapes and innumerable opportunities for sports and recreation in the natural environments of the region make CENTROPE a place of outstanding quality of life.

A wide-ranging cultural roster featuring large-scale events and festivals of worldwide renown as well as the creative output of a vibrant, international art scene are among the core assets of CENTROPE. The Central European Region is home to meticulously preserved and yet highly dynamic cities, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, famous theatres, concert and festival halls as well as a myriad of museums able to satisfy both general and highly specialised interests. Together, these sights and institutions bear witness to the rich cultural heritage of the region and also reflect a centuries-old shared history.